The British Empire is currently the largest empire. Queen Elizabeth O'malley I currently owns it. Many changes have been started lately, as O'malley is different from the other Monarchs.

British Empire
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  1. Many colonies, including India, will be given to other countries and given independence.
  2. The EITC shall be disbanded, any current soldiers in the EITC can have the chance to join the Royal Navy.
  3. More freedom will be given, and possible changes to the Monarchy will be made.
  4. Any corrupt soldiers shall be discharged.
  5. New armies and fleets shall be started.
  6. More!


  1. Many people in the colonies have been happy that they'll be independent.
  2. The EITC left the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and is currently independent and at war with us.
  3. Many citizens of Great Britain and Ireland have been joyful.
  4. Soldiers have been doing better in war.
  5. A guild has been started.
  6. Coming up with more later.


United British

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