You wish to hear the story of Samuel Darkwalker? Very well.


Samuel was born, unlike many people in the Caribbean, in Spain. When he was born his father had set off for a adventure, Leaving his mother to care for him.

Rest of lifeEdit

When Samuel was 3 he overheard his father and mother talking about whether or not to move to the caribbean. Samuel refused to go to the caribbean for purposes. But his father unlike many men was brutal and had forced Samuel and most of his relatives to move to the Caribbean. At the age of 10 Samuel had adapted to life on the Caribbean. He ran off to the tavern to meet with his relatives which were still mad at Samuel's father for forcing them to leave Spain. He met his cousin Trader of the undead and Samuel was shocked to hear that his father was killed by Trader. He ran out of the tavern and to his mother's house. At the age of 12 Samuel had been engaged in politics and diplomacy. His dream, starting when he was a boy, was to be the King of Spain but it never happened, for nobody but the royal family had been The queens ands kings of Spain. At 20, Samuel Meet Matthew o' Malley and had joined his cause for the Swiss. Soon after, Tyler Crossbones was given the crown. A year had passed when Samuel learned that Matthew was his brother. It seemed impossible that a french man and a spaniard could be relatives, but it wasn't. Two years passed and it seemed that so much had passed for Samuel and for his family. Samuel was now 23, When Samuel was given Russia as an offer.

Samuel is currently a baron to the Swiss, has diplomatic relations with Wager, and has visited Spain many times.


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