2/24/1746 FireEdit

Hello! Welcome to the Prussian Flag Newspaper! We can't remain neutral in a conflict between the U.I.C. and the Dutch. We will most likely side with U.I.C. In a deal with the U.I.C., they will get most of our territory until we have a large enough army to defend it ourselves. Yesterday, there was a fire that started in my house. It burned down alot of the house, but luckily repair crews hurried up and fixed it. Prussia had officialy decided that slavery is illegal. Anybody caught having slaves is sentenced to 3 years in jail and they have to pay $1,000,000. Queen Daggerstealer has announced that Prussia will remain a Monarchy. At the Prussian Palace, a fire started. Luckily, they stopped before it did much damage. King Daggerwind has died of heat and smoke, after a fire at Queen Daggerstealer's house. Well, I hope you liked this a edition.

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