Elizabeth O'malley I is Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. She is popular for giving many territories, more rights, and

Elizabeth O'malley
Some attributes
First Birth Date: September 7th 1722
Second Race:Caucasian
Third Nationality:The Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Other attributes
even more good things.                                                                                                                               


Elizabeth O'malley was born on Septemeber 7th 1722. She was born on a farm in Dublin. She helped mostly with the corn, brought to Ireland by her uncle, who often went to the America's. When she turned 11, a fire burned down the farm. She had to help rebuild the farm alot. When she finally turned 17, she decided to move. She went to Edinburgh, and met a man named Corc Fletcher. They got engaged in 1740. On August 9th 1740, they married. They had a child, Ailbe. Quickly, Ailbe died after catching a fever. Corc also died, when a bull killed him. She lived alone for a long time, farming. In 1744 a incidence known as the London Incident occured. The Queen and King were thought to be murdered, and there was no heir to the throne. Knowing alot about Politics, she visited London and tried to keep the British Empire under control. They decided she would be their leader, but the King and Queen quickly came back. The people were very happy in the week that she was Queen. In 1746, the Monarchs resigned, and gave the throne to Elizabeth O'malley. She is currently working on making Great Britain and Ireland better, giving more freedom, disbanding the Empire, and more.

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